What Is A Tile Outlet?

In the world of online shopping, tile outlets are still important. Since flooring is such a large purchase, products should be handled in a professional store, full of selections. That way, the product can be touched and tested to ensure its quality. There are different types of tile, but Porcelain tile is the most durable. Unlike ceramic tile, it can be installed outside and doesn’t have to be sealed. In order to buy the most durable tile, a tile outlet is the best place to start. With 2 locations to visit, Tile Factory Outlet carries thousands of tile products in stock. Customers feel confident buying tile at our stores. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing over the phone or the internet without first visiting out store.

Quality Tile Products

In Our tile store, we stay away from the cheap tile, and like to involve more quality products. Since our customers are high-end users, we bring a variety of durable product. A kitchen back-splash can be viewed in-person, instead of on a computer screen. Our in store designers can give advice on the latest trends and design. This is the biggest advantage of our tile outlet.

Tile Outlet Specialist

Other flooring stores may carry tile, but we specialize in Tile. Our store have displays with options that are touchable, and color samples that we can judge with our own eyes. When visiting our tile outlet, we are there to serve you tile needs. We have Specials and Clearance Porcelain Tile. The most desired style to date, is the Wood plank tile. Its constructed out of porcelain and made to look like hardwood. In this way, its waterproof and dent proof. We also carry a wide range of waterproof LVP products

Georgia Tile Outlet

In our tile outlet, we give professional advice. Though we don’t offer installation through our store, we have the experts in house that know how to install tile. Our locations carry a wide range of installation products, and you need to speak with a professional to know exactly which floor prep products you need. Tile is not at DIY project, unless you have flooring experience. At our tile outlets located outside of Atlanta and Chattanooga, we offer discount pricing. When searching for “tile outlets near me”, visit our store.ages.

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