Mir Envogue Porcelain Subway/Wall Tile

The Mir Envogue is a wonderful display of neutral colors for subway tiles.  These beautiful color tones give the ambiance of glory and sophistication.

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The Mir Envogue Collection, has 5 color choices that can be styled in various ways using the deco tiles.  From ivory white and to a dark gray base for the tiles, you can achieve many different styles and designs.  These 5 colors are displayed on a 12.5″ X 24.6″ single column deco slab, or as a single color piece in the same size.  These tiles are waterproof, kid-proof and pet proof.  Subway tile is resistant to scratches and makes an excellent flooring option for low and high foot traffic.


Sheet size: 12.6×24.6″

Thickness: 5/16″

Packing: 5 pcs/box

Sq.ft/box: 10.80

Sheet Coverage (sq.ft): 2.15

Weight/sheet or sq.ft (tiles): 4.2

Edges: Pressed

Variation: V2 (slight)

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Envogue Color Choices

Envogue Almond, Envogue Almond Deco, Envogue Blanco, Envogue Blanco Deco, Envogue Cloud, Envogue Cloud Deco, Envogue Gris, Envogue Gris Deco, Envogue Morengo, Envogue Morengo Deco