Classico Renoir Marble Look Tile

The Classica collection by MILE®stone is a porcelain tile tribute to the high-end appearance of marble. Exceptional in both look and quality, Classica is engineered for applications where elegance is desired. Available in one color, Renoir, it’s custom-designed to replicate the brilliance of the world’s most sought-after stone, the attractive look of Classica will reveal a deeper beauty upon each viewing.

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The most famous marble on Earth, Italian-mined Calacatta has been prized by designers and artists alike for its brilliant white surface and bold, consistent veining. The marble of choice for Michelangelo and his timeless masterpiece David, the luxury stone has also adorned countless cathedrals, churches and castles across the globe. Gifted with a depth of color unlike nearly any other stone, Calacatta is uniquely suited among even other types of marble to give form to man’s most awe-inspiring creations.

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12" x 24"