Sant’Agostino Blendart Dark 6″ x 48″ Wood Look Tile

The Blendart Dark Collection by Sant’Agostino, features a wood visual, topped with a 2 part staining processing giving the appearance of an old rustic wood plank.

Style: Porcelain Wood Plank Look Tile

Available Sizes: 6″ x 48″

Thickness: 20 mm

Width: 6″

Length: 48″



Blendart, the new collection signed Ceramica Sant’Agostino, is not only a ceramic interpretation of a scrapwood, or a simply distressed wood, but conveys a marked metropolitan spirit. This porcelain recreates the charming veining of wood in a new version: the extraordinary “paint effect” overlaps with the original knotty nature of the wooden material before any further processing, as if time had wanted to leave an indelible mark. The mix of these elements results in an artistic and painting wood with a raw modern mood, ideal for floor and wall coverings of contemporary rooms.

Considering the characteristics of this series we suggest:

• 2 – 3 mm joint

• For the sizes 15×120 lined up laying or 4/5 staggered laying is suggested

• for the sizes CRAFT lined up laying or 1/3 staggered laying is suggested

• Grouting colour (MAPEI):

White Mapei 130 -132

Dark Mapei 120

Grey Mapei 112 -113

Natural Mapei 130 -132

Mix Mapei 112 -113