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Bathroom and Shower Upgrade

Your bathroom is a common area for relaxation. Add a little character to it with a mosaic of your choice. Your style is original.

Design Features

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, why not show off a little. Customize your tile with glass or ceramic mosaics.

Its Time

Before you can redesign your life, you must start putting purpose into things you love. Its time to start over with a new shower.

Practical and Creative Uses for Mosaic Tile

When designing, building, or remodeling your home, you are sure to run across mosaic tiles.  In fact, mosaic tiles are the most widely used decorative pieces for bathroom showers and kitchen back-splashes. Mosaics range from a variety of decorative mediums using glass, stone, pebbles and all colors. They are used as a statement piece in your home or office such as a backsplash, shower floor, shower walls, a feature wall and so much more.  Mosaic tiles are also great for a smaller bathroom floor where larger tiles may not fit the space.  There are all sizes of mosaics used to create dazzling and down to earth personal designs. Whatever you choose, mosaics are a powerful and bold medium that can transform any surface into something that is stunning.  Because there are limitless choices as you shop mosaic tiles, Tile Factory Outlet has provided for you the following guide, “Practical and Creative Uses for Mosaic Tile.”

Dordogne Caramel
Dordogne Caramel
Dordogne Biscuit
Dordogne Biscuit
Dordogne Ivory
Dordogne Ivory

Uses of Mosaics

As mentioned above, mosaics are most notably used in bathrooms and kitchens. More often than not, you find mosaics used in kitchen backsplashes. The other most popular uses are bathroom mosaics and shower mosaics. However, mosaic glass tiles are more flexible in application than you might have previously believed. For example, glass mosaic tiles can be used on walls around a bathtub. This makes for an interesting and classy look. Mosaic tiles used in this can make small bathrooms look larger, as the colorful reflections from the glass tiles give depth to the room.

Unicom Starker Fireplace Large Mosaics


You can also install backsplash mosaics around fireplaces. The mosaic tiles are durable enough to withstand the heat around a fireplace. Plus, the glass mosaic tiles are easy to clean and complement your hearth breathtakingly. They can add a touch of sophistication to these types of rustic, homey areas.

Cabinets & Sinks

Mosaic tiles can also be used above sinks and around cabinets. These accent mosaics can brighten up any room. Using mosaics in this way allows you to be creative. There really is no limit to the ways you can use mosaics.

Unicom Outdoor Mosaic


Something you may not have thought about: mosaic tile can be used outdoors. Glass mosaic tile can withstand the elements and look great around a fountain or as accents on a patio. It is worth pointing out that practically every tile available from the Tile Factory Outlet website has a matching mosaic available in a 1″ x 1″, 2″ x 2″, or a hexagon pattern.

You can use mosaics throughout your entire home! If you have questions about other ways to use glass mosaic tiles, be sure to contact our sales and service team by clicking here.

Mosaic Showroom

Tile Factory Outlet in Adairsville, Georgia is a first-class mosaic tile outlet. Not only do we have mosaic tile for sale, but we have a full selection of tile mosaics in our showroom. We can piece together the most basic to the most elaborate tile design, creating a masterpiece. We have two gorgeous showrooms just outside of Atlanta, showcasing mosaic tiles, porcelain flooring, and other accessories. Come visit us, as we pride ourselves on serving our customers. To get an idea about how our customers feel about us, take a look at our customer reviews.

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