The Truth About Wood Look Tile

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Timeless Appeal Meets Modern Benefits

If you are in the market for hardwood flooring or looking to buy wood plank tile for your construction or remodel project, you may have come across “wood look” tile. The name “wood look” gives it away: this type of flooring looks like wood, but is made of porcelain tile. Really? Porcelain wood tile? Wood look tile is a great alternative to hardwood, especially if you are in high moisture areas or run an active lifestyle. To ensure you get the best price and best wood tile or wood look tile for your needs, the team at Tile Factory Outlet in Adairsville, Georgia has provided you with the following guide: “The Truth About Wood Look Tile.”

Wood Look Tile Is Affordable

The message we want to convey is wood look tile is a better product than hardwood flooring. Cost is a big factor when looking for flooring. You want the best possible flooring for the least amount of money. The good news is that while wood look porcelain is a more high-end product than hardwood, it’s still affordable and is comparable in price to the more expensive luxury hardwood flooring types. When you install porcelain tile, you know the investment will last through your lifetime.

Wood look tile is aesthetically pleasing just like hardwood.

You don’t have to have “real” hardwood to get an elegant, high-quality look for your floor. Not only does wood look tile come in as many varieties and patterns as hardwood, it can be textured and truly mimics hardwood. Wood look tiles are also fashioned into long strips and planks, which give them the appearance of hardwood flooring. Thus, you can get the beautiful grain patterns that imitate the aesthetic of natural hardwood but at much better prices.

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It Is More Durable Than Hardwood.

Although hardwood floors last longer than carpet, hardwood is highly susceptible to dents, scratches, and moisture damage. Sure, hardwood floors can last a lifetime, but they will need refinishing, which is very expensive. Consequently, wood look tile flooring is a better alternative. For one, water does not damage wood look tile. Also, wood look tiles
can withstand heavy traffic without fading and streaking. Finally, wood look tile does not require refinishing, but can be polished.

It Is Easier To Maintain Than Hardwood.

Both hardwood flooring and wood look tile are fairly easy to clean. However, hardwood floors require special floor cleaners. At the same time, both types of flooring require protection from grit and grime with the use of a hardwood vacuum or tile vacuum. Hardwood flooring, however, will scratch if not protected. The biggest factor you must consider in maintaining both hardwood floors and wood look tile is moisture. Remember: if you go with hardwood, you must dry it completely after cleaning it. On the other hand, wood look tiles are water proof.

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