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Kitchen and Bath Tile 101: 4 Tips for Success

Choosing the right tile for your kitchen and bathroom can be a daunting process. In addition to choosing the right size and shape, you must consider color, texture, and pattern. Consequently, the Tile Factory Outlet in Adairsville, Georgia specializes in kitchen, bathroom, and shower tile and supplies. We have decades of experience in serving Rome, Cartersville, Dalton, and Marietta and are known for being the authority on kitchen and bathroom tile. Plus, we also have the right tools and accessories available for the installation. Our 50K square foot warehouse is chocked full of subway tile, wall tile, shower tile, and mosaics for kitchens and backsplashes. Finally, we understand how difficult it can be to choose the right tile for your project. As a result, the sales and service team at Tile Factory Outlet has provided for you the following guide: Kitchen and Bath Tile 101: 4 Tips for Success.

Bulge Acqua Subway Tile Room Scene

Start With Color

When choosing tile for a kitchen or a bathroom, you should always start with color. Look at the rest of your home and decide which color will complement it. This being said, you will do better to stick with a color palette of 2 or 3 colors. Whites and greys work well together, as do soft blues and beige. The rule of thumb is this: pick one color from your favorite tile design and use a different tile that has the same shade to complement it. It makes your color scheme more cohesive.

Use Different Patterns and Sizes

After you’ve chosen your color pattern and scheme, you want to take a look at the shape and size of the tiles. Using different sizes and shapes can be a way to enhance your space. A lot of this will be driven by your personal taste and the overall style you are trying to achieve in your space.

Patch Work Classic Wall Tile

Use The Right Grout

A lot of people take the choice of grout for granted. Choosing a grout that compliments the tile is super important. For example, if you choose a white grout with white tile, your pattern goes unnoticed. However, if you choose a grey grout with a white tile, your pattern is more pronounced and will add depth and character to your space.

Make The Backsplash The Focal Point

These days, most of our customers want backsplashes, and for good reason: a backsplash is the perfect opportunity to express your personality. The process of creating a backsplash can be a difficult one, but remember that the backsplash must serve two main purposes. One: the backsplash will be the focal point of the room and will set the tone for the design of the kitchen or bathroom. Secondly, the backsplash must be functional. What this means is that the backsplash isn’t just a pretty face. Backsplashes must be able to stand up to messes and be as durable as they are attractive.

So where do you begin? After you’ve gone through the process of selecting tile for the walls and the floors, you can then create a palette for your shower or kitchen backsplash. The idea here is to create the backsplash with a strategy in mind. For example, place the backsplash in the area of the room that gets the most traffic. In kitchens, limit use of backsplashes to the cooking area and perhaps around the refrigerator. Also, an ideal placement of backsplashes is behind sinks in bathrooms. Therefore, you must keep in mind that the placement of the backsplash will alter the energy in the room and make your design pop. After all, your backsplash will not get seen in areas that see little traffic. Also, mosaic backsplashes are the trend, and for good reason. Mosaic backsplashes give you the most freedom of expression to incorporate designs from other areas of the home. Subway tile backsplashes are also quite popular, as are those made of porcelain tile. No matter your choice of material, remember the cardinal rule for backsplashes: choose function over fashion. That way, your design will be everlasting, both aesthetically and physically.

Backsplash FAQ

When installing backsplash you would usually at the end of the counter top.

The current trends are for a rectangular subway style look on a backsplash.  Colors can range but wall tiles are glossy in appearance.

Different tiles have different options for finishing the edge.  Some use a pencil or a thin  piece of matching tile to form a picture frame.   Others come with a small bullnose piece to round off the edge.  Our sales staff can help you look at your options.

Peel and stick tile are marketed as an easy installation, but you still have to make cuts at walls and around outlets.  At the end of the day it is just as easy to open a bucket of tile adhesive and use a traditional tile.  Your selection and price are both much better with a traditional tile.

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