Tile Installation Materials

Whether you are an installer or a Do-It-Yourself kind of person, tile must be installed using the appropriate material and tools. But no matter how well you handle the trowel, you must have a detailed knowledge of porcelain tile installation and the materials at hand. It can be difficult to decide which thin-set to use. Or which trowel size to buy. At Tile Factory Outlet, we are experienced in tile installation, and will assist you all the way through the process. We carry a select set of flooring material brands, like Ardex, Jamo, Custom, VersaBond, VersaSet, GoBoard and much more. We understand how tough it can be when dealing with the big box stores. Our employees are full time tile experts with 20+ years of installation knowledge. What floor prep products do I need? What kind of grout do I use? How do I seal the grout? What color should I use for wood tile? Is grout waterproof? What is Mud? What is thin-set? These are all great questions, questions that we can answer on the spot.

With any home project, it can be a unnerving task to give your trust to a person you just met. But at Tile Factory Outlet, we live and breath only tile and the products that go with it. Floor preparation is the most important aspect to installing and enjoying a quality tile floor. If the floor prep is wrong, the tile will by wrong. By and large, we cater from metro-Atlanta, all the way into Chattanooga, covering all major cities such as Dalton, Calhoun, Cartersville, Rome, Marietta, and Kennesaw. Go beyond your traditional flooring store and visit Tile Factory Outlet.

What kind of grout do I use?

How so I seal Grout?

What size trowel do I use?

How do I clean grout?