Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is The Difference Between Porcelain Tile and Ceramic Tile?

A lot of our customers ask this question, and its a good one. Because there are huge price differences between the two, maybe we can shed some light on the subject, and clarify exactly why we carry mostly porcelain tile. The main difference is the density. A porcelain tile has a higher density than ceramic, making it more durable when it comes to impact. This goes a long way when deciding which tile to install through out your household, especially a house with kids, or pets, or a little of both. Since porcelain as a material can be fired at a higher temperature, more of the moisture and air pockets are removed naturally, and replaced with the harder forming material. This also allows for a thicker, more dense tile.

Styles and designs are basically the same but prices are not. Though we carry a cheaper ceramic tile, porcelain tile comes in as a better value, extending the life of the tile beyond that of ceramic

Can I Install Tile Outside?

While tile can be installed outside, be careful which type of tile that you use. Ceramic Tile cannot be installed outside. It is too brittle for temperature extremes, and is too porous for the moisture conditions. If you want to lay tile outside, please pick a porcelain tile.